Our Prices

Below you'll find our list of prices for both the Clinic and Online options.

Clinic Prices

Sports & Clinical Massage 60 mins (total consultation time): £49
45 mins: £39

Bespoke Soft Tissue Therapy session
(may include Osteopathic Treatments, Medical Acupuncture, Myofascial Cupping, Kinesio taping)

First treatment (includes screening, consultation and treatment. Please allow 60 – 90 mins): £55

Followup appointments
30 mins: £39
45 mins: £49

Stand alone Kinesio taping application: £15 (please allow 15-30 minutes)
(includes replacement tape for a second self application)

One to One Clinical Yoga, PNF or Exercise Rehabilitation: £38 (45 mins)

Online consultations & classes

Online injury and sports therapy consultation: £20
Online zoom Stretch, PNF, and Clinical Yoga classes: £5

Julia teaches online Stretch and Clinical Yoga classes through our partnership with Lynsey Suzanne Fitness in small group classes via Zoom. You can book directly here. Please note that you will be redirected to the Lynsey Suzanne Fitness website to book classes and make payment.

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