Weight Management

There are a huge number of factors, which contribute towards your weight, ranging from the very obvious diet and lifestyle, through to hereditary factors and hormonal abnormalities. However, regardless of the factors, which are currently determining your weight, it should ideally be within a healthy range.

Being either underweight or overweight can affect your physical and psychological wellbeing and both carry an equally large number of health risks.

Not only can we help you to monitor your weight and body composition, we can implement a realistic personalised nutrition and activity programme to achieve and maintain your goals, both short and long-term. 

Have you thought about joining The Revolution?

The Active Healthcare Practice has put together a programme to revolutionise the way you think by not only increasing your nutritional understanding, but also to educate you into an achievable level of activity to improve your fitness. Join The Revolution!

No – more diets – EVER!

No – fads

No – ‘special’ food

No – hunger

No – catches

No – ‘burpees’

The only thing you have to lose is fat & bad habits.

Your body doesn’t count calories; it demands fuel and nutrients to carry out all of the body’s essential processes. We’ll show you how to curb cravings by giving your body what it needs. As a result, you’ll notice an increase in energy and mood as you start to reap the benefits of overall wellness – losing fat is a side effect! Our most common feedback after just 2 weeks of following the programme is “I feel amazing”. You’ll eat delicious foods with simple to follow recipes, which cater for busy lives and will fit in with families. The Revolution is a fully integrated health and lifestyle programme to optimize your health.

6 Week kick starter package costs £195 and includes:

Full nutrition & lifestyle consultation normally worth £75

6 Weekly One-To-One Personal Training Sessions normally worth £210

Ongoing Maintenance Packages

Unlimited Group Training – Access to any of our group training sessions or run club £65pp per month (4 sessions per week available)

1-2-1 Personal Training available to “The Revolution” subscribers at preferential rates.

VIP 5 Star Packages – When You Need Emergency Intervention.

Have your bad dietary and exercise habits spiraled out of control? Are you addicted to sugar and ‘bad’ carbs? Do you want to get back into exercise but just feel too unfit to start? You are by no means alone, we know how to get you back on track are here to help!

Quick fix diets just don’t work long term, they are unsustainable; Our “Revolution” programme is a long-term lifestyle change, which delivers results from the outset and gives you the tools to maintain your health and fitness in the long-term. Our VIP 5 Star support gives you the moral support when you most need it.

What can be included in our VIP Package;

1-2-1 Personal Training Sessions.

Unlimited Group Training (4 sessions per week available).

Bespoke Nutritional Coaching – Recipes, Body Composition Analysis & lifestyle guidance.

Text & Telephone Support & Mentoring

Massage Therapy either a 30 to 90-minute session as required.

Because you’re our VIP, your 5-star package will be individually tailored to your needs. All packages are heavily discounted from our standard service rates. Please call us for a free consultation and personalized quotation.


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