Sports Massage

The list of health benefits from massage therapy is enormous! Our bodies release endorphins during massage, which help with stress, pain relief, mood and general wellbeing. Once you’ve tried one of our massages, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! At the Active Healthcare Practice, we offer two types of massage – Sports Massage and Swedish massage

Sports Massage was originally developed for athletes to prevent and relieve injuries, but it’s also great for non-athletes, working particularly well to improve muscle imbalance pain and improve posture. The massage usually involves deep tissue massage but may involve a range of soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, passive and assisted stretches and neuromuscular techniques.

Sports massage is perfect for helping relieve muscle soreness (delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS) by encouraging blood and lymph flow through the body and helps to prevent injury and decrease muscle fatigue.

Swedish Massage is the traditional, smooth and gentle massage that helps the muscles relax, relieving the stress and tensions of your day and allowing you to enter a state of perfect relaxation. It is quite common for clients to fall asleep during Swedish massage, although we can apply a deeper massage to help release muscle knots and tension.

Event Physiotherapy & Massage

If you’re organizing a sports event, on site physiotherapy & sports massage is a great way to enhance your event with our professional, fully insured, mobile team. We provide couches and all necessary equipment and can cater for all sizes of events.

Pre and post event sports massage is proven to enhance performance and optimise recovery after exercise and our massage therapists are always a welcome sight at Marathon and Triathlon events. Our Physiotherapists are on hand to prevent and treat injuries pre and post event.

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