Personal Training

One-To-One  Training

Look at training as investment in your most important possession – your body, you need to take care of it, it’s the only one you have.

We’ll help you set specific, realistic goals and agree a plan on how to achieve them.  We have an empathetic approach and will look at any barriers, which might have stopped you achieving goals in the past, and help you to overcome them.  Together with you, we’ll devise a plan that fits into your daily life and builds a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Our emphasis is on making the sessions motivational, fun and tailored to helping you build a regular exercise programme into being second nature.

Small Group Training

This is a great way for friends or colleagues to share the cost of a trainer and to maintain motivation and stay on track. Group training with one of The Active Healthcare Practices instructors is a great way to exercise in a safe, supervised way in a fun, sociable environment.

If you would like to put together a group training session or join an existing group, we tailor classes for all abilities. Contact us for more information.

Run Club

Want to run 5k but currently can’t run to the end of the road? Are you bored of running on your own? Have you ever thought about joining a running club?

Our run club leaders are British Athletics qualified Leaders in Running Fitness and deliver fun motivational sessions. Whether you’ve never run before, would like to work towards being able to run 5k or for those more experienced runners looking to increase distances or improve performance. Contact us for more information.

Performance & Endurance

Are you preparing for a marathon or embarking on a muscle building and training programme? Have you thought about the fuel your body needs to support such an effort?

Preparation for a marathon, fun run or embarking on muscle building for competition or self-image, your body needs the right nutrients and fuel to grow your muscles and strengthen your joints and provide energy. At The Active Health Practice, we can advise you on nutrition and exercise to give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals.

Whatever your goal, preparation is key. Your body will need conditioning and you’ll need to feed it more than just the occasional extra protein shake and a few gels on the day. The Active Healthcare Practice can help with nutritional advice and training if you’re preparing for any endurance event or training programme.

Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Regular exercise has far-reaching health benefits, all of which apply during and after pregnancy, as at any other stage of life. A healthy, strong body and positive attitude will allow you to cope with the physical and psychological challenges that may arise during your journey towards motherhood. But exercise does need to be tailored specifically for each stage of your pregnancy, with special considerations taken into account to keep you and baby safe.

We will design a tailored exercise programme with you, which prepares you for each stage of your pregnancy, will prepare you for labour and help you recover quickly after the delivery.

Most women are concerned about regaining their pre-pregnancy body as quickly as possible, but incorrect exercises and poor technique can cause many problems so it is essential that you exercise safely and gradually with expert supervision and guidance. At The Active Healthcare Practice, our instructors have advanced, specialist Pre & Post Natal Exercise Qualifications, so you can be certain that you are in safe hands.

Benefits of Pre- and Post-Natal exercise

  • For the mother:
    • Reduced weight gain.
    • Shorter & less complications during labour.
    • Lower incidence of discomfort during pregnancy.
    • More rapid physical & emotional recovery post-birth.
    • Higher energy levels.
    • Reduces back pain.
    • Increase muscle strength & improves posture.


  • For the baby:
    • Babies are tougher & less vulnerable to usual stresses.
    • Lighter & leaner than non-exercising mothers.
    • Studies show greater neurological development in babies born to mothers who have exercised during pregnancy.


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